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Greek Festival 2022

We’ll what can I say. We weathered a couple of storms and 95-degree temperatures and still came out on top. Congratulations to the festival committee for organizing a tremendous event after months of meetings and planning. 

I have to give special thanks and praise to a few people who are instrumental to the success of our festival.  

Martha Taweel our festival “Queen” who keeps us on task and organizes the Kitchen Prep Team who make best Greek food around, working for months before the festival and during.  

Thanasis Ginis who makes sure we have everything we need to prepare and serve the food and our go to guy with everything Festival related.  

Asteris Fanikos who is tireless in his efforts to make the festival a success. He is everywhere doing everything to get us ready and to get us through 4 days of mayhem.  

John Sirimis for his dedication to getting our online ordering component organized; from website development to payment processing to organizing preparation and pickup distribution center.  

Carlos Villanueva for his hard work before, during and after the festival (and for putting up with us).  


Of course, everyone’s participation is needed and certainly appreciated. So please accept my sincere gratitude, all of you who volunteered: Kitchen Prep (before and during festival), Serving Line, Bar, Table Cleaning, Raffle Ticket Selling, Mezze team, Bakaliko team, Gift Store team, Bakery team, Loukoumadhes team, Parking unit, Thrift Store Sales, Outside Grill team, T-shirt Sales, Mr. Verve our Church Tour Guide, and all who showed up to support our event. Forgive me if I missed anyone. 

I must also give thanks to all who made donations whether monetary or food items. Donations are always an important component to the success of the festival, so thank you much, everyone who made donations to the cause. 

A special thanks to our youth who not only worked during the festival but provided many joyful moments as witnessed by all who attended. Also special thanks to Regina for her work with our amazing dancers and Taso Revenides for coaching the crowd pleasing, youth band who provided some of the highlights of the festival. Additionally, thank you to Tasos’ Band for donating their time and talent to the cause and creating a great atmosphere. 

Thanks to Father Jimmy for his presence, greeting everyone and making them feel welcome and for his encouragement. 

So much love goes into our festival, and I know that the greater community feels that. I heard and read so much good feedback. I’m so proud of our community. Let’s carry this feeling to our next, milestone, event, our 100th Anniversary.  

God bless the community of St. George! Worthy! 


Dino Demetriou 

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