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Regular- Summer Hours:

Begin Sunday, Sept 12, 2021

Hours for Sunday Services

Orthros   9:00 am

Divine Liturgy   10:00 am

Begin: May 30, 2021

Hours for Sunday Services

Orthros   8:00 am

Divine Liturgy   9:00 am

Regular- Winter Hours:

About Our Church


Saint George Church was founded in 1922 in Trenton, New Jersey with a membership of forty families. Most of the original families were from the islands of Andros and Chios in Greece. In 1924 a home at 106 Jackson Street was purchased to be renovated into the first permanent church. In 1952 Jackson Street was outgrown and the parish purchased the Second Presbyterian Church at Mercer & Market Streets which was renovated. In 1969 the General Assembly approved the purchase of the Klockner Road, Hamilton, NJ property as the site of the new complex. The complex was completed in three phases-the church building, the community center and the cultural center. The existing Community & Cultural Center that consists of classrooms, meetings rooms, storage, kitchen, large hall, was completed in 2000. Since 2000, the beautification phase has begun with the dome of the church proper being completed with iconography in November 2005.

The parish is now approximately 375 parishioner households.

On October 15th, 2017 our church was consecrated and the holy relics of

Saint George the Great Martyr,  Saint Pateleimon the great Martyr and Healer, and The Holy Fathers Martyred in the Monastery of the Pantokratoros in Dauo Pentelis

were sealed into the altar .


Sunday Service Hours

Orthros:  9:00 am

Liturgy: 10:00 am


“As the Father has sent me, so I send you.”


John 20:21

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Contact Us

1200 Klockner Rd
Hamilton Township, Mercer County, NJ 08619

Phone: (609) 586-4448

Fax: (609) 586-6316

Office Managers :

Evie Georgopoulos (left)

Donna Rose (right)