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Parish Council

2023 Parish Council Members

Asteris Fanikos - President

Dino Demetriou - 1st Vice President

Greg Ginis-2nd Vice President

John Sirimis-Treasurer

Stephanie Raikos, Assistant Treasurer

Maria Papadakis-Corresponding Secretary

​Eva Golfinopoulos-Recording Secretary

Adam Angelakis

Thanasis Ginis

Effie Lally

Michael Mastoris

Maria Papadakis

John Megariotis

Eleftherios Parliaros

John Passalaris

Irene Pie'

PC 2023.jpg
Preside's Message

Message from our President

Let me start by saying that it is a great honor to serve as Parish Council President. The position has been held by many far more distinguished and accomplished people than me, so it is rather unexpected that I find myself in this role but I am committed to doing my best to lead the council, with the best interest of the community of Saint George Greek Orthodox Church in mind, and in a manner befitting the office.


I would like to thank the Parish Council for its commitment in serving our church and community with such great passion and without any fanfare.

I have learned a great deal from working with them through the years, and I continue to learn and grow. I would especially like to thank Past President Athanasios Ginis for his leadership and support over many years, particularly as he guided us through the journey of our Holy Consecration together with the invaluable assistance of the Consecration Committee chairs Spiros and Emily Spireas.

I would also like thank all those who serve on the various committees and ministries. You do such a great service to the community. There are times that I am in awe of this community and how it accomplishes all that it does. It is because of individuals like you who come together with a common love of Christ and who give of your time, talent, and treasure. I would also like to thank the dedicated staff of our parish for keeping everything running smoothly.

Personally, I pray for the continuous spiritual growth of our community as well as the physical growth; number of stewards, parishioners, Philoptochos members, Goyans, Religious Education students, Greek School attendees, and Preschool attendees. I believe that with our spiritual growth the growth of the community will follow. I hope that we can create a welcoming parish reflecting the love of Christ for all his children so that we can increase the number of practicing Orthodox Christian brothers and sisters in Christ, and preserve and maintain the faith established by Christ and His Holy disciples for future generations.

If you are a casual attendee of our parish or have never attended, please consider spending your Sunday mornings with us. We have so much to offer; the beauty of our church services, the beauty of our holy consecrated church, and the always enlightening sermons of our wonderful priest, Rev. James Pavlow. As an immigrant to the U.S.A. more than two decades ago, I left behind a family, and through the St. George Greek Orthodox Church I have gained another. I encourage you to continue your spiritual journey with us and become a member of our family.

With love in Christ.

Dino Demetriou

Parish Council President.

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