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Parish Council

2024 Parish Council Members

Asteris Fanikos - President

Dino Demetriou - 1st Vice President

Greg Ginis-2nd Vice President

John Sirimis-Treasurer

Stephanie Raikos, Assistant Treasurer

Maria Papadakis-Corresponding Secretary

​Eva Golfinopoulos-Recording Secretary

Adam Angelakis

Thanasis Ginis

Effie Lally

Maria Papadakis

Eleftherios Parliaros

John Passalaris

Irene Pie'

Donna Rose

Anastasios Kollias

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Message from our President

As we have just celebrated our first 100 years, we are looking forward

to the next 100 years and to continue to grow and celebrate our faith.


It is my esteemed privilege and honor to hold the position of Parish Council

President.   But is a complete team effort with everyone on the Parish Council,

its committees and all in the community contributing and working to the best

of their ability.    The entire Parish Council strives to honor the community and

are always willing to listen and work for the betterment of our Church and the

community.  Each member of the Council is fully committed in serving and are

truly dedicated individuals. We thank you for your trust in placing us in these

fiduciary positions.


I would like to personally thank Past President Dino Demetriou for his years of leadership and dedication.  Particularly as he led the community through the COVID pandemic and to celebrate and commemorate our Centennial.


We are only here as a result of those who have come before us and the tireless contributions that were made by our forefathers.  From our families and immigrants that founded the Church in 1922 to all the generations between then and now who have given of their time, their talents and their treasures.


​I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart all those who serve the Church in any capacity.  Whether through the ministries and committees or projects in order to fulfil our faith and mission.


Let us continue to grow and to encourage all to attend and participate in the full life of the Church.  Let us come together through the ministries and fellowship.  Let us encourage the next generation and the youth to fully participate in their faith and their culture and history.  Encourage all to attend and for youth to attend Sunday School, Greek School, Greek Dance, and participate as members in Choir, Acolytes, and all aspects of the Church.  Let us preserve our faith, heritage and history.


Thank you and God bless!

Asteris Fanikos

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