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Greek School

Greek School Director:

Marios Dafnopoulos:

Saint George is proud to offer an excellent Greek School program

that will ensure that the generations to come will be still speaking in the language of their forefathers. If your children are currently enrolled you already know that the teachers and curriculum are wonderful, if they are not, come see for yourself and get them enrolled.


Please visit Greek School Registration Page to enroll in 2023-2024 Classes

Once you register please call the church office to pay tuition or pay online by clicking

Pay Tuition Online

Greek School Class Schedule  (2022-2023)










4:30- 6:00 Kidergarten

6:00-7:30  Advance Greek-Ellinomatheia

4:30-6:00 First Grade

6:00-7:30 Second Grade

5:00-6:30  Fifth Grade and Sixth Grade

4:30-6:00 Third Grade

6:00-7:30 Fourth Grades

(subject to change based on protocols)

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