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Greek Dance

Greek Dance Instructor:

Regina Theodoropoulos:

On Wednesday nights the Community Center is alive with the sounds of dancing!  From September to May, our students work together to learn the various dances of Greece, Cyprus, and Asia Minor – a fitting way to further foster knowledge and love of our Hellenic culture!  Classes are open to any new dancers, so please attend!

Whether you’re a beginner or would like to freshen up your steps, there are three Wednesday classes to serve you best!  The Beginner’s Class (5:30-6:30pm) is for first-time dancers, where the basic steps and rules of dance are learned.  The Intermediate

Class (6:30-7:30pm) is for young dancers with previous dance experience, who want to expand their knowledge of dance and routines.  The GOYA Class (7:30-9:30pm) focuses more on specific regions and styles of dance, with emphasis on competitive performances.


All of our groups work hard to prepare for several annual performances, showcasing their talents to both our local community and abroad.  You can support our dancers throughout the year at our AHEPA Taverna Night, the Mercer County Cultural Heritage Festival, YiaYia’s Kitchen, the NJ Metropolis Greek Folk Dance Festival, the Greek Independence Day Pageant, and Sighs and Sounds – and, of course, during our annual Greek Festival!


Our thanks and appreciation go to the members of the Parish Council, the PTO, the GOYA advisors, and to our dance parents for supporting all of our dancers this and every year.  Through the support of the Church and the community, our dance programs will only grow more successful!


See you on the dance floor!

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